Events and Festivals in Malta

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This article is about events and festivals in Malta. See also the article on tourist attractions in Malta.

Event calendar

For an overview of upcoming happenings in Malta, check out's calendar for events.



Parish feasts

Malta Parish Feast March.jpg
Every year Malta is home to a large number of village parish feasts. During the feasts, people flock to the streets and perform several traditional acts. Decorations, dances, marches and live music are all natural parts of a successfull Maltese parish feast. Large fireworks displays are also a very important part of the celebrations.

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Public Holidays in Malta

Malta observes a total of 15 public holidays. See the full article about public holidays in Malta.

<metadesc>Malta is home to many large and small festivals throughout the year, from full blown international concerts to local religious festas and firewroks.</metadesc>