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The Malta Wiki is a Maltese Popular Encyclopedia that aims to become a complete reference to the Maltese islands.

If you're new to Malta, you might want to check out the quick guide to Malta.

Holiday in Malta

Culture, Art and Events in Malta

Malta is rich in culture and arts. Throughout the year, the islands are boosting with cultural events. For more information, see for example the article about Art in Malta, Sports in Malta or the list of events and festivals in Malta.

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Businesses and Organisations in Malta

In the wiki you can also find information about some of the major industries in Malta: Tourism, E-gaming, Corporate Services, and English Language Education.

Maltese Society, Infrastructure and Government

How to contribute

You can contribute with a text about your company, organisation or hobby simply by creating a new page on the wiki.For more information, see the help section.

It's an information party in Malta and everyone's invited!

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