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This article is about the NIC Malta and the registration of the .mt TLD. See also the general article on infrastructure in Malta.

The NIC Malta (Network Information Centre Malta) maintains the Maltese top level country code domain .mt. NIC Malta is an institution under the University of Malta.

Sub-level domains

The top-level domain (TLD) .mt is partitioned into the following sub-level domains (SLD):

  • - for institutions operating on a commercial basis, such as limited liability companies or other European companies.
  • - for non-profit institutions, such as charities and organisations.
  • - for network related services, such as Internet Service Providers (ISP).
  • - for educational institutions recognized by Maltese authorities.
  • - for government usage only

The sub-level domain of is not maintained by NIC Malta, but Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA).

Registering a

To register a there is no requirement for the registrant to be registered in Malta or Europe. As part of the domain application process the prospective registrant must however declare the right to use the name as trademark, business or trading name in accordance with Maltese law

Contrary to most other country TLD's, the registrant registers the domain directly with NIC Malta or through a third-party company. The registrant must obtain his own register handle before submitting the application for registration of the

NIC Malta does not provide it's customers with access to name-servers and these must be arranged by the registrar on his own initiative - it is smart to have these in place when registering the domain name. Right to use of nameservers can be purchased from most domain name registrars even without having to register the domain through them.

Whois service and contact information

NIC Malta's whois-service: NIC-MT whois. Visit NIC Malta's website for more information.