New Years Eve Malta

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New Years Eve is as important in Malta as everywhere else. Every year thousands of people gather in clubs, in restaurants, at house parties and on the beach to celebrate entering into the New Year.

During December, and in the days leading up to New Years Eve, clubs and rastaurants start advertising New Years Eve parties and New Years Eve package dinners for two (or more).

Valletta National New Year's Eve Celebration

In 2010, Malta organises the first official New Year's Eve count down in the history of the country. The celebration will take place on St. George's Square in Valletta, will feature fireworks and is open for anyone to attend. The celebration is organised for two reasons, people (especially families) not having anywhere to go on New Year's Eve and complaints from tourists that are used to public festivities organised on the occasion.


Strangely enough, the only thing missing from New Years Eve in Malta are the fireworks. Malta, the home of the international fireworks festival, is not big on fireworks new years eve.