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Whether you are visiting Malta for business, pleasure or a mixture of both the Phoenicia Hotel is a great consideration when deciding on a place to stay. There are many perks offered within the Hotel and it is strategically located near many wonderful places to visit.

Malta, also known as the Republic of Malta, can be found in the center of the Mediterranean. It is one of the smallest countries in the world. However, it is dense in population and culture. If you are unsure where Malta is here is a better idea of its neighboring cities. Sicily can be found 58 miles south, and 179 miles east you will stumble on Tunisia.

There are many reasons one might want to visit Malta. The Maltese are well known for there friendliness and generosity. Visitors will notice that the local people will go out of there way to make there guests feel at home while visiting there country. In fact there are references in the bible to the Maltese hospitality and warmth. One of the biggest perks is that English is a second language there so tourist do not have to worry about not being understood when asking for directions or making accommodations. In fact, many come to Malta to learn English.

There are many amazing places to visit while you are there as well. Malta offers amazing cultural and beautiful attractions. With there irenic beaches and historical places to visit there is an abundance of things to do while visiting. When planning your next vacation it would be worth checking into visiting Malta. There are many great places to stay while vacationing in this foreign city and one of the best rated places is the Phoenicia Hotel.

Located within walking distance of Valletta's commercial and financial districts, there are many picturesque sites surrounding this five star hotel. Visitors can also enjoy the 7.5 acres of sprawling gardens that this hotel is located on. Many cultural attractions can be found close to the hotel as well. Such as the Grand Masters Palace and St. John's Cathedral. All of this is surrounded by a massive wall which was built to ward off unwanted invaders. The hotel has an amazing history which is part of the appeal to many tourists. Guests are intrigued by the hotels cultural stories. One of the more interesting of which is the fact that the hotel was visited by Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in 1949. Imagine sleeping in a bed that a princess slept in or dancing in a ball room where the prince and princess danced. What could be more fairytale then that?

The Phoenicia Hotel offers a choice of one hundred and twenty eight rooms as well as eight suites. Each room is a mixture of charm and elegance which makes for the perfect place to relax and enjoy your vacation. No matter which room you decide to stay in you will be welcomed with an amazing view of the Grand Harbor.

There are six different types of rooms to chose from. The accommodations and facilities of each is different and below is a short description of each room.

The classic rooms are located on the first and second floor of the hotel. Visitors will have a choice between either smoking or non smoking and double or twin beds. All classic rooms are air conditioned, have fully stocked mini bars, internet connection, cable TV, bathrooms complete with both a bath and shower, trouser press, safety deposit box and large french double glazed windows. These rooms are spacious and furnished lavishly.

Visitors can also choose to upgrade to the classic plus room. These rooms are located on the top floors of the hotel and offer a grand view of the Maltese capital. The writing desk and two arm chairs offer a more at home feeling and soft lighting only helps to enhance the cozy feeling. Each one of the classic plus rooms are equipped with air conditioning, fully stocked bar, tea and coffee maker, internet capabilities, cable TV, flat screen TV, safety deposit box, bathrooms with both a tub and shower, and a direct dial telephone. These rooms were re-done in January 2009, are non-smoking and are available with twin or double beds.

The superior rooms are located on the first and second floors and guests can choose either smoking or non-smoking. These rooms offer a wonderful view from a spacious balcony located outside of the room. Available with twin or double beds visitors can enjoy extras such as cable TV, air conditioner, internet connection, fully stocked mini bar, trouser press, bathrooms with both tub and showers, safety deposit boxes, direct dial telephone, wonderful hand chosen furniture and much more.

Once you have chosen your room and settled in you may find yourself craving some of the creative cuisine this hotel has to offer. From cocktails to elegant dining experiences there are many different dining experiences to chose from.

Breakfast is an experience in itself. This hotel offers a wonderful spread of hot and cold breakfast foods that are sure to suit everyone’s pallets. Each breakfast buffet is prepared fresh daily and offers food for even the pickiest of eaters.

The Phoenix restaurant is a wonderful place to dine with its relaxed atmosphere and tantalizing Mediterranean food prepared by one of the best chefs in the area. The mixture of cooking techniques and freshly grown herbs are sure to leave anyone’s mouth watering for more.

If you find yourself craving an afternoon snack you are in luck. The Palm Court Lounge offers afternoon tea and champagne. Guests can chose from a menu that includes light snacks such as cucumber sandwiches, scones, chocolate eclairs, lemon cakes and much more. You can grab yourself a light afternoon snack and relax by the pool. Could it get any better then that?

Among the many different things this amazing hotel offers is there SPA treatments. What better way to spend your day then being pampered by there wonderful staff that are completely dedicated to making sure you spend the day in total tranquility. There are both treatments for him and her and below is a list of things that you too could look forward to by booking a stay with this five star hotel.

Treatments for him include but are not limited to:

Classic Massage: which is massage that is designed for each individual and there specific needs. This massage will relieve tension and improve circulation giving guests a sense of peace and relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage: is a treatment that uses heated stones and oils to help melt away stress and detoxify a persons body. It will also help relieve muscle aches and pains.

Treatments for her include but are not limited to:

Aroma therapy massage: This massage uses scented oils that are blended specifically to each persons individual needs. It is designed to help relieve daily stress and leave guests feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Deluxe body scrub: This massage starts out with a wonderful body scrub that removes dead skin cells and leaves skin glowing radiantly. Follow this with a relaxing massage and you have the perfect start the a great day of relaxation and sight seeing.

There are many other Spa packages for both men and women including manicures, pedicures and full body pamper packages. This hotel is one stop relaxation and the perfect place to plan your next vacation.

Once you have enjoyed the hotel itself, which you honestly would never have to leave to enjoy your vacation, you can venture outside the hotel walls and enjoy the rich culture of Malta itself. There are many local activities to keep absolutely everyone occupied. Weather you are looking for a quiet relaxing beach or you are more of a shopper there is literally something for everyone to do. The best part is that no matter what it is you chose to keep yourself entertained, you will constantly be enjoying the history and culture that comes with this beautiful city. The nightlife is just as exciting as the day life and the people are more then happy to keep you entertained. There is no doubt about it this is one of best must visit places as well as one of the best kept secrets of the world.

Nestled in one of the most peaceful and relaxing places in the world, a person cannot visit a place like this and not feel there stress melting away with each passing day. There is an unforgettable romance to this city and it is a perfect place to spend some well deserved time with a loved one. Take a stroll through the unforgettable gardens with your loved one. There is an abundance of things to do and the hotel offers complementary babysitting services as well as many children friendly activities such as a kids pool, high chairs, cots and inter-joining rooms. The Phoenicia hotel Malta is fun for the whole family. Next time you are planning a vacation the Phoenicia Hotel in Malta is definitely worth checking out.

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<metadesc>Whether you are visiting Malta for business, pleasure or a mixture of both the Phoenicia Hotel is a great consideration when deciding on a place to stay. There are many perks offered within the Hotel and it is strategically located near many wonderful places to visit. </metadesc>