St. Publius Church

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St. Publius Archipresbyteral Church of Floriana, Malta, is dedicated to Saint Publius, one of Maltas Patron Saints. Saint Publius is traditionally regarded as the fist Bishop of Malta and is said to have recieved the Apostle Paul during his shipwreck on the island as recounted in the 'Acts of the Apostles'.

St. Publish Church is located in front of The Granaries in Floriana (also known as Publius Square).

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The Church was originally designed in 1733 by Guiseppe Bonnici and is the last important parish church in Malta that was built by the Order of St. John. The people of Floriana chose Publius as their patron saint and dedicated to him their parish church that was contructed in 1733 in the presence of Grand Master Vilhena. The construction of the church was delayed due to lack of funds and it was first in 1792 that the nave was completed. The church has been the parochial chuch of Floriana since 1856. Two new aisles and the two tall bell towers were completed in 1890.

After suffering heavy damage during World War II, the entire structure of the church had to be rebuilt.

Saint Publius

Saint Publius is one of the Patron Saints of Malta and Patron Saint of the city of Floriana. St. Publius was the Roman Governor to Malta at the time of St. Paul's shipwreck in year 60 AD. St Publius is regarded as the first Bishop of Malta after he was converted to Christianity by the shipwrecked Apostle St. Paul.